10 Kayak Fishing Accessories You Should Have


10 Kayak Fishing Accessories You Should Have - (we'll assume you already have a paddle and rod holders.)

1.) Personal Floatation Device: I feel naked without mine on, it also serves to hold my knife and whistle. We really like the Mildwater by Lotus, its mesh back does not interfere with high back kayak seats and the mesh allows for ventilation.

2.) Knife: I use a PFD knife so its attached to me all the time and I know that it always close by, having to reach in a tackle box to get it will not do you any good if a situation comes up where you need to cut something in a hurry. Keep it sharp!

3.) Dry Bags: A dry bag will allow you to throw all you extra gear in a place that keeps the water out. Clear bags are great because you know exactly what is in the bag and where it is. I use different sized bags for anything from clothes to cell phones to cameras and food.

4.) Paddle and Rod Leashes: Tethering allows you to keep gear from going over, losing your fishing outfits can be a costly but losing a paddle can be a dangerous situation - it is how you're getting back.

5.) Whistle: They're cheap enough and when you need one- you really need one. Get one designed for marine use.

6.) Drift Chute: Nothing can foil you plans of a great kayak fishing day like the wind, a drift chute or sock can slow your drift down so you can effectively fish an area, they work in the wind but do not function in current

7.) Kayak Wheels: It doesn't matter if you only have to walk 10 feet to get to the water, fishing kayaks are heavy and cumbersome and having your fishing kayak all rigged and ready, then only making one trip is the way to go. When my kayak come off my vehicle I have my wheels there and it goes right on top. The cart should have a kick stand; this will make life easier to get the kayak on top. If you plan on using the kayak cart on soft sand you might need the Roleez Balloon Cart, which floats on the sand with almost no effort.

8. ) Anchor: Most of the places that we kayak fish don't require anchoring but there are times when we get to area that we want to hang around and fish and need to anchor up. Also, anytime you leave to wade fish or just take break from the kayak you should drop anchor. Anchoring in current or strong winds should be done with caution.

9.) Lip Gripper Tools: These tools allow us to handle our catch in a manner that is effective for releasing the fish and also safer for the kayak fisherman, essential for dealing with toothy species.

10.) Compass: Whether you use a deck-mounted unit or a pocket compass, having a compass and knowing how to use it can be get you back in the fog or if you lose your direction (which can happen very easily while on the water) is very important.

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