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I would like to bring your attention to an angler that has been making a splash with YouTube kayak fishing videos. While I was gathering information for this article, Brandon was in the process of having one of his videos published on the on-line version of the Florida Sportsman Magazine. It was watching some of Brandon's videos that helped me make up my mind of what camera to buy for shooting videos from the Kayak.

Brandon moved from North Carolina to Pensacola six years ago, and soon discovered that living so close to saltwater provided an opportunity to do a lot of fishing. He adapted to saltwater fishing almost as soon as he arrived and fell in love with the sport. It became an addiction right away when Brandon started reading fishing articles, learning everything he could about saltwater fishing. Tiring of crowds on the bridges and piers combined with not being able to reach the schools of fish that were just out of casting range, Brandon started listening to the buzz around the bait & tackle shops. He found web sites pointing to a local organization that promotes the sport of Kayak fishing. He finally started seeing some amazing catches from local kayak anglers, and decided that was what he needed to do. A little over a year ago he made the big decision to purchase a Hobie Pro Angler, this in not just another kayak, (it's the undisputed King of the fleet for offshore adventures). Brandon admits the addiction got worse with the purchase of the Pro Angler, but he says it's the best decision he has ever made. Now he is able to fish multiple times a week and he loves going inshore fishing for Redfish, Trout, Flounder and Sheepshead. In Brandon's own words "there is nothing like a gulf coast kayak sleigh ride from a forty inch bull Redfish"! Now there are days when the weather permits a trip offshore and yes it adds to the addiction! Offshore Brandon targets bottom fish like Grouper, & Snapper and trolls for King, & Spanish mackerel along with the ocasional cobia, sailfish, and even tarpon.

When you are fishing from a kayak you are able to hear everything, from trout busting bait on the surface to a tailing redfish. There is no engine noises to drown out the wildlife or the sound of the drag clicker of a screaming reel, exciting you know it is!. These are sounds that are easily missed with the noises of the conventional motor boat.

Brandon is a very active member of the Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Association and is involved in the Emerald Coast Chapter of "Heroes on the Water". The primary goal of the "Heroes on the Water" program is to assist injured service members with their physical and mental recovery by introducing them to the therapeutic qualities of fishing from kayaks.

This year Brandon will be entering a lot of tournaments to include but not limited to the GCKFA spring tournament, IFA kayak division, and will be competing in the on-line Kayak Wars. Being an active member of several forums like the Hobie Forum, Pensacola Fishing Forum, Fla Sportsman forum, GCKFA forum and more keeps him wired to the latest fishing news. If you would like to follow his post, he uses the forum name of bbarton13. Brandon has also started a FaceBook group for Hobie Pro Anglers; http://www.facebook.com/groups/202801946469375

Brandon has provided a link to his videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/bbarton1984/videos, here is a couple of examples of Brandon's videos for your viewing pleasure.



Brandon's goal is to promote kayak fishing and help other people experience the joy that he has received from the sport.





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