Kayak Fishing Addiction

The addiction:
My name is Michael, please allow me to share with you a little bit about myself and how I became addicted to kayak fishing. I am the founding webmaster of the Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Association based out of Pensacola, Florida and the Kayak Fishing Addiction website. I use this website as a personal means to share my kayak fishing addiction.

For me the kayak fishing addiction started many, many years ago, when the kayak industry did not produce kayaks dedicated to the sport of fishing. Living on the Gulf Coast of Florida presented many opportunities to go fishing and I tried to take advantage of them. I own a center console AquaSport and noticed the launching and recovery (along with fuel cost) of the vessel really required a crew.

I often had these opportunities to go fishing when others were not available. So I went wade fishing after work and often finding myself unable to reach the schools of fish I had targeted. I bought a couple of cheap used kayak and fished out of them for a couple of years.

When the industry started catching on to the idea of kayak fishing, I bought my first fishing Kayak, the Wilderness System Tarpon 120 (I still have & use it) but my Hobie Revolution is now the primary. In the image I have a bull red bowed up pulling the kayak around. This photo was taken in February and it had just started raining. The thrill of a big fish on your line along with the unmistakable sound of the reel drag going off really gets my excitement going. You are sitting only inches away from the prey with no noise from a motor, your senses seem to go into overdrive.

The Bull Red in the photo was released. You may be able to notice the rigging on the kayak includes a fish finder, rod holders, and an anchor trolley. The customization of your kayak is a big part of the lure and the socialization of kayakers. Many anglers realize the kayak adventure can be both a solitary activity or you can reach out to other anglers to really share and enjoy the sport. You can utilize the Kayak fishing addiction facebook page to meet and share your kayaking experiences.

When my job forced me to move out of the area, I decided I could not just sit by without being an activist in the sport I love. I knew I wanted to contine to promote the sport of kayak fishing, one of the ways was by creating this web-site to share information and hopefully the addiction with anglers like you. I hope you enjoy the Kayak Fishing Addiction web-site! Please feel free to contact me with idea's and suggestions that will help promote the sport of kayak fishing.

Contact the Kayak Fishing Addiction if you would like to be presented "In the Spotlight", all kayak anglers are welcome to tell their story.

I am asking anglers to please send your videos, photos, fishing reports, and any other information you would like to share in promoting the sport.

Sponsors, Contributions, and Donations are welcome, I need your assistance to keep this web-site operational and promoting the sport of kayak fishing. We support Heroes on the Water - Emerald Coast Chapter.

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